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The Federally-qualified system of neighborhood community health centers continues to successfully provide high-quality, cost appropriate care to millions of uninsured and underserved Americans. To understand the mission of Health Choice Network, one must understand the mission of our community health system. The roots of this system goes back to the 1960s as part of the Great Society initiative sought to bring millions out of poverty. The system of Federally-Qualified Community Health Centers (FQHC) was established and over the years expanded to improve access to care for our medically underserved. More than 1,200 FQCHCs exist in all 50 states serve 16 million people at more than 6,600 sites. Although the overall system is an unqualified success, year to year funding is not consistent and most FQCHCs do not have adequate budgets to provide all the medical services their patient required. The Federal government also recognized that although FQCHCs are of major value to our society, they also struggle  to compete with health maintenance organizations and larger care providers. By the 1990s, the concept of Integrated Services Networks emerged.  This concept provided that CHCs could join forces to develop the sophisticated and efficient operational systems to allow CHCs to continue to thrive in the increasing challenging health care environment. In South Florida, five FQCHCs came together in 1994 to create Health Choice Network, an organization that has become a national model of an innovative and leading Integrated Services Networks. HCN’s excellence in financial and business systems, information technology and clinical care has fueled its growth and it now has  nearly 30 community Health Centers members located in four states.
Where do more than 18 million children, families and seniors across our nation go when they need quality care that is within their means? To Community Health Centers.
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